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  • El Galleon Dive

    El Galleon Dive Description

    We are situated on the island of Mindoro some 60 miles to the South of Manila and our resort is nestled among lush tropical palms, right on the edge of the beach. One reason why we are so popular with honeymoon couples.

    Here you can relax and feel the stresses of everyday life slip gently away. The Philippines is made up of many thousands of islands, most of which are covered in tropical trees down to the beach. If you fancy some solitude you can take a boat ride for a few minutes and pick your deserted beach to picnic on or just paddle in the warm waters of the Philippine Sea.

    Many of the families and honeymoon couples who visit us love to scuba dive or snorkel and it may surprise you to know that we have a greater variety of fish species here than in the whole of the Red Sea and a greater variety of soft and hard corals than even the Great Barrier Reef has.

    Dive Rates

    Scuba dive rates at Asia Divers are very competitive. Scuba dives with Asia Divers are guided by experienced Instructors or Divemasters who lead the dive in the water giving you the best of each dive site, including areas not frequented by other operations. Scuba dive briefings include detailed 'Naturalist' aspects of each dive site.

    Safety First: Planned using the Recreational Dive Planner and/or your dive computer. All guides carry surface marker buoys and storm whistles. All the convenience of a liveaboard but all the attraction and flexibility of being land based. Some of the best scuba diving in Asia, over 30 sites all within 15 minutes travel, dive sites suitable for all experience levels, it couldn't be more convenient.

    There are at least five scheduled dives a day, every day; usual times are 0800h, 1030h, 1330h, 1600h and 1800h-1830h (night) with a choice of dive sites at each time.. Diving in small groups (less than six) from local Bangka (outrigger) boats. Diving all year round, every day of the week, with temperatures between 22c and 29c, the coldest months being Dec - Feb. Visibility usually at least 15m (up to 40m). You must produce a log book and scuba certification card before diving.

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